About Us

In 1986, the Aquarium Club of Edmonton was established to promote the Aquarium Hobby in the Edmonton Area. Membership has steadily grown over the years to include members with diverse interests in fresh & saltwater aquariums, palidariums, terrariums as well as water garden enthusiasts. Everyone is always welcome to attended and take part in this fascinating hobby.

The ACE Constitution

» To gather, organize, and disseminate any information on aquatic life, without limiting the aforesaid, including the study of aquatic life.» To encourage the preservation of aquatic life.» To encourage the advancement of fish keeping and the other aquatic life.» To develop and maintain a library on aquatic life.» To promote fellowship amongst its members and other societies with similar objectives.

Aqua Babble

Aqua Babble is published monthly and mailed out to members. It contains articles by our members, as well as reprinted articles from other clubs’ journals. These articles deal with all aspects of the aquarium hobby. It also contains editorials contributed by our members and a free buy-sell section.If you would like to submit any articles, please contact:Hans Yamamoto at


President  John Makaryshyn
Past President Raymond Fong
Vice President John Tummers
Treasurer Art Barnes
Executive at Large Simone Gingras
Executive at Large
Editor Hans Yamamoto
Webmaster Francis Olaveja
BAP Michael Pham
HAP / Handbook Ken Ealey
Membership Hans Yamamoto
Auctions Michael Pham
CAOAC / Newsletter Exchange Dave Rayburn
Librarian Valerie Adam
Publicity TBA

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